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“I served as the president of the Monrovia Ministerial Association for over 20 years and pastored in this community for almost 30. I have personally known and worked with four mayors and have been an acquaintance to all the council members. Mayor Mary Ann Lutz has proven herself as a strong innovative leader and in the most difficult of times in recent years. To compare her leadership and the condition of Monrovia in a negative light, is like saying Washington mustn’t have been a good leader because he was at war. For those who desire true change, in most cases it doesn’t come in a short space, especially in hard times. Rather, it takes years of strong steady leadership keeping focus and staying the course.”
John L. Mastrogiovanni, D.Min.
Former Monrovia Ministerial Association President

“Mary Ann has brought strong leadership not just to Monrovia but the entire San Gabriel Valley with her thoughtful vision for our water future.” Dr. Marina Khubesrian

“Mary Ann has been a great mentor for me and she has a true passion for serving the city of Monrovia and its constituents.” Tom Chavez, Mayor of Temple City

“Mary Ann has done a great job for the last 6 years and “yes” she has my vote.” Maria Fajardo, Small business owner in downtown Monrovia.

As 16 year residents of Monrovia, we have benefitted from Mayor Lutz’s tireless service to our community.  For example: 1. Under her leadership, our Monrovia Mountains conservation measure passed, providing recreation opportunities in perpetuity. 2. Under her leadership, our decommissioned train station is being revitalized, providing gold line transit connections to invigorate commerce. 3. Under her leadership, our water resources have been effectively managed, providing a sustainable supply even during the worst drought in 100 years. Our sincere thanks to Mayor Lutz. Wendy Wert and Kevin Monroe

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