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Monrovia’s Infrastructure

Monrovia’s infrastructure has not been ignored, nor is it crumbling. Deliberate decisions to defer some maintenance were made in city budgets beginning in 2009 during the worst economic downturn in two generations. That freed our shrinking revenues to shore up police, fire and paramedic services.

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Monrovia’s Water Has Not Been Contaminated

A breech of protocol that allowed the discharge of contaminated water into inappropriate locations at a well field was recently discovered and halted. No contamination of Monrovia’s water supply has been found.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Our budget remains balanced, new businesses are being added to our tax base and we are successfully addressing the long-standing financial hurdle of deferred maintenance. In short, the City has been through rough times, but thanks to prudent financial management, its solvency and ability to grow have never been threatened.

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Infrastructure Repair

Work is already underway on much of Monrovia’s deferred maintenance – more than $3 million was spent last year on street and sidewalk repair and every street will be up to standard within three years. Comprehensive plans are in place to finance and complete all needed infrastructure repair in the next few years.

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