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  • I am voting to re-elect Mayor Lutz - [Video] Monrovian's Are Voting to Re-Elect Mayor Mary Ann Lutz!
  • Candidate Interview – Monrovia High School - [Video] Monrovia High School students interview Mayor Mary Ann Lutz for the upcoming city elections. Brought by KGEM and Beacon Media News.
  • KGEM Interview with Mayoral Candidate, Mary Ann Lutz - [Video] Ralph Walker interviews Mary Ann Lutz about running for Monrovia City Mayor
  • Mayoral Candidate Forum (Monrovia Chamber of Commerce) - [Video] March 10, 2015 Mayoral Candidate Forum (Monrovia Chamber of Commerce)
  • Monrovia has not lost $4.5 million in grants. - My opponent says that the City lost that amount in grant money during my term as Mayor due to what he calls “part-time management.” It’s hard to see how he came to his conclusions - either about the cause or the amounts involved.
  • Monrovia’s Infrastructure - Monrovia’s infrastructure has not been ignored, nor is it crumbling. Deliberate decisions to defer some maintenance were made in city budgets beginning in 2009 during the worst economic downturn in two generations. That freed our shrinking revenues to shore up police, fire and paramedic services.
  • Monrovia’s Water Has Not Been Contaminated - A breech of protocol that allowed the discharge of contaminated water into inappropriate locations at a well field was recently discovered and halted. No contamination of Monrovia’s water supply has been found.
  • I did not try to give our foothills to the federal government - The Wilderness Preserve and Canyon Park remain in Monrovia’s control and all private property and water rights are protected. The Presidential designation of portions of the Angeles National Forest to a National Monument does not include any property owned by the City or Citizens of Monrovia.
  • Monrovia has not suffered from “part-time management” - There was a part-time interim City Manager for two months in 2011 while a replacement for Scott Ochoa was being sought and again for several months in 2014 while we sought a replacement for Laurie Lile. Monrovia did not “suffer” because of this.
  • Foothill Gold Line Maintenance & Operations Campus - [Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz tells how the Gold Line Maintenance & Operations Campus is what enabled the Foothill Gold Line to continue, as well as the increase in jobs and business in Monrovia.
  • Mayor Mary Ann Lutz on the Monrovia Wilderness Preserve - [Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz talks about the issues surrounding the Monrovia Wilderness Preserve, National Recreation Area, etc.
  • Current and Upcoming Infrastructure Repairs and Replacements - [Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz tells about current and upcoming infrastructure repairs and replacement in the City of Monrovia, including the Magnolia Avenue Sewer Main Replacement, street & sidewalk repairs, storm drains, water and sewer repairs, etc.
  • Monrovia City Council Meeting, March 3, 2015 - [Video] Monrovia City Council Meeting, March 3, 2015
  • Facts About Monrovia’s Grant Money - Rumors are flying as the April 14 Mayoral Election approaches. Here are the facts. My opponent, Council Member Tom Adams, has charged that the City lost $4.5 million in grant money during my term as Mayor due to what he calls "part-time management," referring to the times we were recruiting new City Managers in 2011 and 2014. It's hard to see how he came to his conclusions - either about the cause or the amounts involved - given the following facts:
  • Invitation to Campaign Kickoff Event - [Video] Invitation to Mayor Mary Ann Lutz's 2015 Re-Election Campaign.
  • Healing Our Teens’ Hearts - Monrovia’s Journey to End Teen Suicides
  • Wilderness Protection - I have consistently advocated and supported the protection of our hillsides and have diligently sought new funds and grants for the Wilderness Preserve while still protecting our property rights.
  • Fiscal Responsibility - Our budget remains balanced, new businesses are being added to our tax base and we are successfully addressing the long-standing financial hurdle of deferred maintenance. In short, the City has been through rough times, but thanks to prudent financial management, its solvency and ability to grow have never been threatened.
  • Public Safety - The most important responsibility of our City is to maintain a safe environment. Supporting our police, fire and public works departments with the personnel and tools they need are paramount to achieving this goal. We are now experiencing the lowest crime rates in decades.
  • Public Transportation - For six years I have led Monrovia’s effort to bring the Gold Line to town and we have succeeded! The benefits of this project are already being realized in the millions of dollars of improvements the light rail system is now bringing to the Southern part of our community, and this is only the beginning!
  • Infrastructure Repair - Work is already underway on much of Monrovia’s deferred maintenance – more than $3 million was spent last year on street and sidewalk repair and every street will be up to standard within three years. Comprehensive plans are in place to finance and complete all needed infrastructure repair in the next few years.
  • Support for Education - Teamwork with our School Board is crucial to achieving our educational and community goals. I recommit to taking the lead in supporting our schools and continue my hands-on work with my two adopted schools, Santa Fe Middle School and the Adult/ROP.
  • Business Development - Creating an environment that attracts business is vital to the progress of our community. One of the best ways we can compete and attract jobs is to maximize the high-tech businesses already here. We also need to make sure that our city assists businesses by keeping things simple, not over-regulating and basically providing support that “gets out of business’s way.”
  • Neighborhood Protection - I remain committed to protecting our neighborhoods and business districts while also balancing property rights and economic realities. I have a strong record in that regard, and have consistently voted with all of Monrovia’s interests in mind.
  • Environmental Stewardship - I am committed to moving our community toward a healthy, green environment while balancing our economic responsibilities. We need to conserve water, continue and improve our recycling efforts and find every reasonable opportunity to practice environmental stewardship.
  • Commitment to Our Youth - When we experienced five teen suicides in five years, I collaborated with the Superintendent of the Monrovia Unified School District to find a formal way to address the situation. A group entitled Healing Connections resulted, and is now in its
  • Commitment to Our Community - I believe it is important for every Monrovia citizen to be helpful to the numerous non-profits and organizations that assist our residents.
  • Regional Engagement - To be effective locally you must work regionally. Monrovia has a rich history of working at all levels of government and collaborating with elected officials at all levels keep our community moving forward. We cannot afford to lose important ground at any of these levels. Monrovia’s Mayor must be involved with our regional partners. My regional engagement, first as a member of the City Council and then as Mayor, has brought new jobs, new programs and new funding to Monrovia, leveraging and strengthening the community’s resources.
  • Character and Integrity - Character and integrity are not easily defined; rather, they are shown by example. My focus is to look forward and be positive, constantly working to make things better in Monrovia. I have served this community by committing time, energy and full attention to the health and welfare of our citizens. I have earned the trust of the community.
  • Leadership - Leadership comes from doing the work, day after day. That’s why I work with the agencies and elected leaders from all over our region, state and nation; it’s not just about what occurs within our borders, but how we relate and react to whatever affects our community.
  • Neighborhood Preservation - I am committed to Neighborhood Preservation, and that’s why there is now a moratorium on replacing significant old homes while we seek new safeguards and new standards, balancing preservation with the demand for new housing. As a longtime member of the Monrovia
  • US Conference of Mayors Winter Session – 2015 - January 20-23, 2015 I attended the Winter Meeting of the Conference in Washington DC. Here is a recap of that meeting.
  • 2015 Monrovia State of the City Address - [Video] 2015 Monrovia State of the City Address by Mayor Mary Ann Lutz
  • Candidate Statement of Mayor Mary Ann Lutz - I am proud to serve as Monrovia’s Mayor for the past six years, one of the most challenging financial periods in our city’s history. A steady, consistent hand on the helm has pulled us through these hard times with our finances secure, our homes and streets safe and our future as bright as ever.


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