We Agree – Re-Elect Mayor Lutz

Elected Officials, Monrovia

  • Larry Spicer, Monrovia City Council Member
  • Bob Bartlett, Former Monrovia City Mayor
  • Lara Laramendi, Former Monrovia City Mayor
  • Pat Ostrye, Former Monrovia City Mayor, Treasurer, City Clerk
  • Joe Garcia, Former Monrovia City Council Member
  • Linda Proctor, Former City Clerk
  • Linda Wagner, Former Superintendent of Monrovia Unified School District
  • Ed Gililland, Monrovia School Board President
  • Bryan Wong, Monrovia School Board Member
  • Alexandra Zucco, Monrovia School Board Member
  • Francie Cash, Former Monrovia School Board Member

Monrovia Commissions and Boards

Monrovia Community Services Commission
  • Brian Ulm, Vice Chair
  • Joannie Yuille, Commissioner
  • Karen Sutherland, Former Commissioner
Monrovia Historic Preservation Commission
  • Donna Baker, Commissioner
Monrovia Planning Commission
  • Scott Austin, Commissioner
  • Karen Suarez, Commissioner
Monrovia Library Board
  • John Wayne Carlson, Board Member
  • Alrita Morgan, Board Member
  • Janet Wall, Board Member
  • Louise Robertson, Former Board Member
  • Charlotte Schamadan, Former Board Member
Monrovia Old Town Merchants Advisory Board
  • Millie Olivas, Board Member
  • Diane Balsamo, Board Member
Monrovia Town Council
  • Gloria Huss, Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte Town Council Member

Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) and Community Organization Leaders

  • Ulises Gutierrez, MAP
  • Irene Paredes, MAP
  • Dr. Felix Villanueva, Capt. USN (Ret), MAP
  • James Yuille, MAP
  • Debbie Elliott-Penzer, President of Monrovia Schools Foundation


  • Rosemari Annear
  • Pam Barkas
  • David Baker
  • Susan Boos
  • Jodi Breneman
  • Kathy Brandes
  • Teri Buller
  • Karlie Buller
  • Jethro Carter
  • Margaret Cassey
  • Donna Dahl
  • Tom Dahl
  • Dr. Sylvia Domotor
  • Liz Duran
  • Nancy Faibis
  • Pam Fitzpatrick
  • Dennis Franklin
  • Connie Gilliland
  • Judy Gooler
  • Katie Gundersen-Watson
  • Peter Hoffman
  • Toni Hoffman
  • Miriam Holt
  • Isabel Ikari
  • Rodney Jefferson
  • Katheryn King
  • Diana Knight
  • Judy Knoop
  • Dr. Marina Khubesrian
  • Margrit Lehmann-Beltran
  • Corey Lutz
  • Rachel Luviano
  • Kristin Mariconda
  • John Mastrogiovanni
  • Nancy Matthews
  • Cathy McCallum
  • Eileen McClure
  • Kevin Monroe
  • James Pan
  • Lee Schamadan
  • Michael Scharf
  • Brad Scott
  • Jeannine Scott
  • Dick Singer
  • Jim Spring
  • Joanne Spring
  • Steve Stoffers
  • Jennifer Stone
  • Gary Sutherland
  • Mitra Tavakkoli
  • Edna Teller
  • Tracey Tempel
  • Brenda Trainor
  • Brian Tuugate
  • Sherry Villanueva
  • Alice Wang
  • John Watson
  • Wendy A. Wert
  • Ray Wheeler
  • Joan Whitenack
  • Cara Wucetich
  • Sashary Zaroyan

Leaders Throughout the Region and Nation

  • Grace Napolitano, Congresswomen, 32nd Congressional District
  • Judy Chu, Congresswomen, 27th Congressional District
  • Ed Hernandez, State Senator, 24th District
  • Chris Holden, State Assembly Member, 41st District
  • Bob Margett, Former State Senator, 29th District
  • Anthony Portantino, Former State Assembly Member, 44th District
  • Tom Chavez, Mayor, Temple City
  • Paul Leon, Mayor, City of Ontario
  • Andre Quintero, Mayor, El Monte
  • Lois Gaston, Former Council Member, City of Duarte
  • Michael A. Cacciotti, Council Member, City of South Pasadena
  • Hans Liang, Council Member, Monterey Park
  • Ken Bell, School Board Member, Duarte


  • Foothill Democrat Club
  • LA County Democrat Club
  • Monrovia Fire Fighters
  • National Women’s Political Caucus

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Pat Ostrye

Former Mayor Monrovia

"Monrovia needs Mayor Mary Ann Lutz. Her leadership qualities and significant, unselfish dedication will complete the many much-needed projects already underway. I encourage Monrovians to vote for Mary Ann Lutz for Mayor."

Alex Zucco

Member, Monrovia Unified School District Board of Education

"Over the last 6 years, I have found Mayor Lutz to be a great partner with Monrovia Schools. Monrovia students and families in Monrovia will continue to benefit from her leadership when she is re-elected."

Gino Roncelli

Roncelli Plastics

"Mayor Lutz has always been aware of what is best for the citizens of Monrovia and carries out that goal. Thanks for job well done. We need Mayor Lutz to carry on that job."

Matthew Goo

DoubleTree Hotel

"We at the DoubleTree By Hilton Monrovia would like to extend our warmest gratitude and appreciation to our awesome Mayor, Ms. Mary Ann Lutz. Thank you for your unconditional support, commitment, and contributions to the community for the past 6 years. As a business owner in the City of Monrovia, we are proud to be a part of this great city under your leadership. We look forward to many more future years with you as our Mayor. We wouldn’t have it any other way."

Sashary Zaroyan

"So glad I was in Monrovia to attend the Mayoral Candidate Forum. I’m voting for Mayor Lutz on April 14th because not only has she been a great role model for the youth in this city, but she has been proactive in the creation of one of my biggest accomplishments, Healing Connections. She has gone above and beyond in reaching out and helping my classmates and the youth in ensuring they have the resources they need to get help in their times of depression and sorrow.

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